Two Mature Men Fuck a Young Teen Girl: 1970s Vintage Threesome Porn

Roller Skating Teen Porn Video

Two old and young men convince a teenage two-tailed roller skater girl to have a threesome group sex. The girl seems to enjoy having her hairy pussy licked by an old man while she sucks the hard cock of a younger one. But things get better when both males fuck her. Read more

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Old and Young Men Fuck a Teenage Roller Skater in the 1970s

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A hot little babe is roller skating through a deserted park. Two older guys catch up to her and start a spitting game, making it clear that they want to fuck her tight young body.

The men lead the girl to an apartment, where they continue to persuade the teen until she finally agrees. She lies on the couch as one guy buries his face between her legs while the other gets his by this naughty slut.

The camera zooms in for some extreme close-ups of licking and cock sucking. Things get even harder as both men take turns fucking every hole this young nympho has to offer - making sure she's moaning loud enough for anyone to get horny.

Shot like an old-school '70s porno flick, you can practically feel the nostalgia oozing from this vintage porn masterpiece. In one particularly memorable moment, all three participants are writhing together in simultaneous orgasms that end with explosive ! The girl swallows all the cum she can catch with her mouth.

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