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People mistakenly assume that fucking in the car is a development of the Edgy '80s, the era of punk rock, discos, breakdancing, and pretty much wilding out. Car sex has always been a thrilling fantasy for many men, including in retro times. In fact, there's a chance the founding fathers fucked in animal-drawn carriages.

Making love in the car was popularized by the carefree flappers of the Jazz Age, a century ago as of this writing. They sat in their automobiles with their boyfriends, smoked, and banged in the backseat recklessly.

This page features erotic vintage car porn videos dating from to the wild 1980s when the craze had just escalated to a full-blown kink.

Meet the horny men of different vintage porn eras who enjoyed the cramping, discomfort, and limitation of getting it on in the car. They have sweet urgent, naughty sex in the car that involves all the steamy stuff from blowjobs, pussy licking, and thorough fucking.

They couldn't wait to get home, so they parked along the road and devoured each other like savages on heat!

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