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We have photographs of horny bathing women from several decades, from the Jazz Era to the wild 1970s, fingering their hairy cunts in the bathtub, men eating pussy in the pool, and couples experiencing hardcore sex.

To date, fucking in the bath remains an exceptionally romantic vintage porn several centuries after the advent of indoor plumbing.

Ancient lovers sure fucked while bathing, but it wasn't always in the bath. These sexually adventurous degenerates from bygone eras would smash into rivers, streams, and other outdoor water bodies.

It was delicious to eat freshly cleaned pussy, and the guys would wholly immerse themselves in this amorous experience.

There's something about the shower that elicits erotic vibes among people. The women, while cleaning their hairy cunts found themselves rubbing one out before getting out of the shower.

The titties have a way of making a chick horny when they're fondled and squeezed while bathing. Ironically, water is a terrible lubricant, and those who've tried fucking in a pool can attest to it.

Still, lovers couldn't help but fuck in the bathroom, and it felt terrific if the happy faces in the vintage bathing porn pics on this page were anything to go by. Enjoy the best retro bathing porn on the Vintage Cuties.

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