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Watch vintage porn photos from the 1920s until the period of the Golden Age of Porn when the audience got pickier, yet this category held on. You can enjoy retro black-and-white XXX magazine pictures with chubby babes from the World War II era and steamy colored still photos from the '60s and '70s.

As improbable as it may seem, chubby women were deemed adorable, especially in the medieval and Renaissance periods. Consider how women were represented in ancient Greek and Roman medieval portraiture and renaissance art. The hottest of women were fat, full-figured, and powerful.

Among the attractive traits in chubby women back then were a big booty, big tits, pale arms, a prominent belly, long necks, and chubby cheeks. Forget the impossible beauty standards modern women are being held to today; BBW ladies were the ultimate sex symbols back in the day.

Porn even casts chubby babes; VintageCuties has vintage chubby porn pics to prove this. Fat women got roles similar to that of the 1950s centerfolds, which are incredible.

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