Ruth Lager - Jewish Pornstar of the 1950s with Big Tits and Big Areolas

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In the and 1960s there was an influx of battling to make a name for themselves. Ruth Lager was one of the few Jewish pornstars to throw her hat and large boobs into the ring and make a name for herself posing for various magazines. With a shy smile, a unique look and a pair of with wide areolas, Ruth got plenty of people's full, throbbing attention.

Delicate girl Ruth Lager with gorgeous short hair and dropping soft boobs

Delicate girl Ruth Lager with gorgeous short hair and dropping sexy tits

Ruth Lager's Giant Jugs Help Put Her on the Map

Many people look back at the , '50s and '60s and think it was a more innocent time. They like to think that there wasn't much in the way of modeling or . It's true, there was only a fraction of what there is today, but there was still plenty of competition for girls wanting to take it off and make a name for themselves. To stand out, you needed a gimmick of some sort. Ruth's trick came in the form of a pair of flawless, gigantic DD/E US (E EU/Int) boobs that were home to perfectly round nipples and areolas about the size of a piece of salami. When this busty vintage pornstar unhooked her and let these lovely ladies spill out, she had everyone in the room's attention.

Ruth Lager did a lot of clothing and modeling with a few theme shoots thrown in just for fun. In one shoot, she and another sexy woman start out fully clothed modeling with some luggage. Soon the clothes come off to show some sexy, silky undergarments then both girls end up in just their garters and stockings as they pose topless. The only luggage anyone was left caring about is the junk in these ladies' trunks.

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Two is company, and three is a party as Ruth models with other babes

Many from that era fought to be in pictures alone, but Ruth Lager was clearly not worried or jealous. Her beautiful face with her high cheekbones and sculpted nose made her a classic beauty. Her body had just the right amount of curves with a that was more than a handful, but not so much you would get lost in it. While her body was great, it was her natural tits that were the stars. No matter what any other girl might look like, few could compare to Ruth when it came time to go chest to chest.

With her natural confidence, she was at home posing with other models. Some of her best work was done when this big-breasted star shared the screen with one or two different women including one particular shoot where she and two other ladies over a phone that ended up with the cord wrapped around her neck. It was just the right amount of kinky and playful to hint at the idea that Ruth Lager might just be up for some naughty good times.

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Ruth Lager Gets Naked and Gets Plenty of Fans

As her career continued to flourish, more and more clothes came off. We saw plenty of Ruth nude, but the classic never went full frontal. There are several amazing shoots that feature her great booty in and out of various types of and bikinis including one where she is standing sideway with her back arched wearing only garters. Her ass is a perfectly round peach, and the side view of her left breast will leave you panting as you gaze upon its utter perfection.

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