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This raunchy compilation of vintage cowgirl porn pics features hardcore images of dominant retro babes enjoying sex in cowgirl positions and other style variations. The famous sex position is a reverse cowgirl.

You'll notice from the XXX pictures that most girls climax from the reverse cowgirl position, thanks to the intense clitoral stimulation it offers. The vintage porn photos in this category range from black-and-white pics before World War II to the colored magazine pictures that came after that leading to the Golden Age of Porn.

Cowgirl is among the many sex styles that offer women an active role during sex while conferring adequate clitoral stimulation. It's a prevalent sex position that has been around for centuries if its references in ancient erotic visual art and written literature are anything to go by.

Cowgirl is a classic sex position where the woman saddles her sex partner kneeling and takes charge of the sex rhythm and pace. With the man lying on his back with his legs wide open or closed, the woman sits on his hard dick and rides herself to orgasm in the dominant position.

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