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This page pays homage to the notoriously kinky classic women who were happy to discover what cum tasted like in the old times. The women would suck cocks and continue doing it until a thick fresh sperm exploded in their mouths.

And unlike your ungrateful girlfriends, retro ladies didn't waste man semen spitting it out. Still, they gladly swallowed it like the good girls they were.

Other women were generous enough to share with their girlfriends a kinky act of 'kindness' that is today called snowballing or cum-swapping. And by the way, classic women gave the best blowjobs anyone could ask for. You can watch it in the vintage porn magazine images that follow!

We don't give classic adult performers enough credit for coming up with some of the kinkiest actions we partake in today, like cum-swallowing. Judging by the vintage cum swallowing porn pics in VintageCuties archives, it's safe to assume that cum swallowing photos were popularized by the infamous flappers of the Roaring Twenties.

Vintage women were bold, defiant, and couldn't care less about acceptable behavior back then. Well, there's probably a chance ladies had swallowed cum in the 1800s or before (we know Greeks and ancient Egyptians were 'legally' perverts). Unfortunately, we don't have shoots for that, hence our educated assumption.

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