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Did you know that people can fetishize traditionally non-sexual objects like boots? Apparently, boots fetishism is a thing and has been around before recorded history. First of all, boots are ancient. They were around before 15,000 BC but came to be popularized by the Vikings somewhere between the 9th and 11th centuries.

Long boots were stylistic and screamed masculinity in men and empowerment for women, which explains why they were regarded as a statement of dominance in BDSM. This page hosts vintage boots porn videos from the early 20th century until the 1970s.

Rusty as they may, they give you a nostalgic trip down memory lane showcasing how men and women of the retro eras rocked their boots. Most even didn't take them off during sex but still managed to give us some of the most epic vintage porn scenes existing today.

The XXX movies are grainy black and white sex films probably shot in 35 mm, 16 mm, and 8 mm film formats depending on their respective decades of production. Enjoy hardcore BDSM scenes featuring ruthless mistresses in sexy boots, slutty boots-wearing wives getting fucked hardcore, and classic boys in boots fucking their girlfriends in beds and often outdoors.

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