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Undeniably cute and breathtakingly bold, Bebe Berto had the confidence and courage to strip to her skivvies on film at a time when such a thing was scandalous. In and high-waist , this classic sex kitten bounced around on-screen, teasing and tempting the audience with her pointy B-cup tits. The temptress even stripped naked for a few tantalizing pictures ran in magazines.

Dazzling vintage beauty Bebe Berto flaunting her small pointy tits outdoors

Dazzling vintage beauty Bebe Berto flaunts her small pointy tits outdoors

Italian girl comes to Hollywood and prances around in her sexy lingerie

Some ladies slip through the cracks of Hollywood history, leaving only a faint mark on the world with their work. Bebe Berto is one of those girls though thankfully for fans of vintage smut and old time some of her contributions have survived. Though her surname is in origin, Bebe had all-American good looks, so it's difficult to determine her home country. Plus, women in Hollywood often took stage names, and the alliterative nature of hers suggests it was chosen to appeal to fans of the sort of stag films she appeared in. Perhaps it was one of the first porn names!

In the , Bebe starred in a series of 16 mm shorts produced by a company called Hollywood Q.T. Productions. Nowadays, you wouldn't call them porn films, but 70+ years ago they were scandalous. They co-starred two girls named Zona and Lou and mainly featured the ladies posing in their underwear. Sometimes there would be involved though only in the strictest sense of taking their clothes off.

If you're a fan of , they're definitely worth checking out as and are featured heavily, as are vintage swimsuits. The shorts also have a sense of humor, though it's hard to tell if that was intentional or if it's a byproduct of watching something 70 years old that was trying to be sexy without running afoul of indecency laws.

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Bebe Berto stars in sexploitation films in skimpy outfits to titillate audiences

Bebe graduated from short stag films to star in feature length, low-budget sexploitation movies like "The Wild Women of Wongo" (), which told the story of a tropical island inhabited by a tribe of women that discover a tribe of men across the jungle. She also appeared under the names B.B. Berto and Bebe Hughes.

Apparently, exciting action with scantily clad ladies ensued. A few other films of the same style dot her resume, including "Test Tube Babes" () and "The Devil's Sleep" (). The one thing they all share in common is scantily clad women, including Bebe Berto.

Cheap sexploitation films aren't the only place to see Bebe Berto scantily clad. In fact, you can see the brunette cutie fully nude though the supply of redhead naked pictures is small. This lovely vintage pornstar of the appeared in a smutty mag called "Snazzy Strippers: Saucy and Spicy" where she was on the cover in skimpy lingerie with three other girls. Pictures of her in skimpy lingerie exist, including a strapless bra so small it would be considered scandalous today.

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Bebe Berto in underwear with other five young women in a gym

Bebe Berto nude in centerfold pictures with perfect little tits and hard nips

Surely you crave Bebe and rest assured it's possible. Though it was exceedingly scandalous at the time, she did indeed pose naked for pictures, including two full nude . One is a sexy profile shot where her small breasts look flawless, with puffy and suckable nipples sticking out. The other is a shot from the front with a big smile on her face and her crotch hidden as one leg is lifted. This sexy retro honey looks curvy and gorgeous; her lips red with lipstick and her hair flawlessly curly as the sun shines from above, and the photographer snaps his picture.

Though Bebe Berto produced little in her short-lived career (she was out of the business by ), she left an indelible mark thanks to her irresistible charms in front of the camera. If you happen to catch the stag shorts she appeared in you'll be delighted and aroused to see her scamper about in her underwear, and there's no denying she looks fantastic in the nude and you can find at Vintage Cuties.

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Years active1940-1950
In business10 years
AliasesB.B. Berto, Bebe Hughes, BB Berto, B B Berto
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