Dawn Knudsen - Swedish Born Bisexual Pornstar with Enormous Bust and Inverted Nipples

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Born in Minnesota (USA) and of heritage, Dawn Knudsen began her career as a then moved onto adult movies. Her large breasts with set her apart physically from many of the other Swedish pornstars working in the '70s and '80s, but it was her bisexual personality, natural good looks and enthusiasm for sex that made her a fan favorite.

Sweet blonde Dawn Knudsen wearing nothing but red socks tempts with her hairy pussy

Sweet blonde Dawn Knudsen wears nothing but red socks tempts with her hairy pussy

Dawn leaves Minnesota and becomes a Bi-costal Star while being bisexual

Like many women in the early 1970s who were looking to begin a career as a nude model or dancer, Dawn found herself in Malibu, Los Angeles () where a lady with huge natural tits, a curvy body and a willingness to share both could easily find work. It didn't take long before photographers took note of her blonde hair, and beautiful, everyday-woman good looks and began featuring her in magazines.

With her clothes on Dawn Knudsen may have looked like many other curvy, , but when this big-boobed Swede shed her shirt and pulled her monster mammaries out, it was clear that she was something special.

She had inverted nipples (a condition where her went in instead of poking out) and she was not ashamed to show them off. For many models, such a flaw would have kept them from posing topless, but Dawn embraced her uniqueness and unleashed her 34J US (75K EU/Int, see Table 2) cup breasts with pride.

Dawn's curvy figure fit her frame perfectly. Her long legs and wide hips carried her gracefully and while she didn't show them very often, she had stunning feet. She often wore very little makeup but had the natural good looks to pull it off and she tended to wear her up in curls or when her hair was longer she pulled it back away from her face.

While regularly appearing in men's magazines like "Gent," "Parade" (UK) and "Juggs," she also began dancing, and even escorting (back then they called it being an out-call girl). She was in such demand that she found herself splitting time between Los Angeles and Miami.

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From to , this bicoastal beauty was steaming up south beach with her long legs, blue eyes, and incredible, while her lovely hills were also rocking the Hollywood hills. No matter where she went, men and women flocked to her.

Dawn Knudsen made it clear early on that she had an attraction to women and was more than willing to appear on stage, camera and in magazines with them.

Her career began with a series of 8 mm loop features that found her playing a horny patient who needs the cock more than she needs medication as well as busty babe sunbathing with a hot girlfriend. As they oil each other up hands starts to wander and soon their relaxing afternoon becomes one of fingering and licking. You will find the hottest porn videos of Dawn inside of Vintage Cuties members' area if you join today.

When the porn Industry came calling, Dawn answered with a moan and an orgasm

As the 1970s progressed and the porn video business in the San Fernando Valley began to explode, Dawn found herself once again in demand. Dawn Knudsen sometimes appeared under the names Dee Dee, Dawn Wallace or Dee Dee Wickizer among a few others. She might have used different names, but her body, face and unique nipples made her identity pretty clear.

This well-endowed vintage pornstar appeared in such hardcore films as "Busty in Bed," "Dawn 3-some," "Doctor's Visit" and "Family Affair." The California and Florida sun did wonders for Dawn's complexion. Her delicate, skin became a beautiful, golden brown and her hair took on that sun-bleached California girl look that looked fantastic on video.

When she would shed her panties or bikini bottom and reveal her , it was nice and thick, but not out of control. You might say it was just the right amount to hold the flavor in, but not get in the way.

It got in the way of very little as Dawn Knudsen had , used toys on herself, sucked her own nipples while and had some very naughty good times with other women. No matter if she was dancing, modeling, appearing in a porn movie or escorting, she seemed to put her heart into it all.

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Busty Scandinavian teen Dawn Knudsen fucks in bed with a doctor

Dawn Knudsen's pussy starts some controversy in Seattle

In , Dawn was regularly modeling for men's magazines. She posed fully nude and would often be the cover girl for the magazine. One afternoon an attorney in adult bookstore. It seems a police detective and city attorney were in the store and they happened across a copy of "Gent" magazine with Dawn's pussy in all its glory right on the cover.

They were threatening legal action that could close the store. Luckily, the lawyer arrived and talked some sense into the men, convincing them that Dawn Knudsen and her were not going to destroy the city. Interestingly enough, that was the attorney's first exposure to Dawn and he found himself becoming an instant fan.

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The 1980s come, Dawn makes some fuck films then retires her historic tits

They say nothing good can last forever. The same goes for most . Dawn had a great run that had lasted more than a decade and had seen her voluptuous figure fill out the pages of magazines in the US and as well as starring in adult movies that were distributed all around the globe. This large-breasted retro porn star had lived in two of the most vibrant cities in the world (Los Angeles and Miami) and had had sex with plenty of hot guys and girls.

As the came around, Dawn Knudsen appeared in a few more magazines and fuck flicks, but eventually, after working in the industry for six years, she decided to retire and move on to the next phase of her life. Both "Gent" and "Juggs" would go on to feature her in future classic issues with "Juggs" even calling her tits one of the Natural Wonders of the World.

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Table 1

Dawn Knudsen wiki and facts
Years active1974-1980
In business6 years
AliasesDee Dee, Dawn Wallace, Dee Dee Wickizer
What are the interesting facts about Dawn Knudsen?

Table 2

Dawn Knudsen bra size and breast cup size
Bra size34J75K34GG90K3K12JJ75
What bra and cup size did Dawn Knudsen wear?
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