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Europe quickly passes as the cradle of pornography in all aspects, from the term to the early depictions of pornographic materials. Porn has been around for centuries, only that the mediums have changed with new technologies. Still, the traditional vintage porn genres have been upheld throughout history.

With the invention of the first motion picture camera around the late 19th century, France became the first country to produce the first stag film setting the pace for other European nations and, subsequently, the world.

We revisit some of the oldest vintage European porn videos, which could as well be the oldest stag films ever produced. Some of the XXX clips are over a century old, with the rest spread through World War II until the Golden Age of Porn.

Experience raunchy porn from the silent film era when all you needed to care about was the action in b&w 35 mm, 16 mm, and 8 mm film formats. This is where today's $100 billion global porn industry started, and it was as humble as you'd imagine. Meet the first adult performers from France, Great Britain, and Germany, among other pioneer European nations.

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