Colette Berne - Brunette Bombshell of the 1960s with Bodacious Boobs and a Juicy Ass!

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Tall, curvy and very easy on the eyes, Colette Berne (pronounces as Bearnay, from her French father) was an incredible sight that stood out on the pages of many magazines from the late through the end of the as a brunette big boob model with an amazingly young face, juicy ass and bodacious boobs like you wouldn't believe!

Gorgeous brunette Colette Berne smiling softly with sweet pointy tits unveiled

Gorgeous brunette Colette Berne smiles softly with sweet pointy tits unveiled

At the time, Colette emerged on the scene were starting to become very popular. Colette found herself competing with the likes of Virginia Bell, Bonnie Lee and other busty babes for work, but her heaving rack, great attitude and ability to connect with the photographers she worked with made Colette very in demand.

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Beautiful big tits are just the start of what makes Colette Berne attractive

coming in close to 6 feet are a high demand nowadays, and they were back in Colette Berne's era as well. Standing at 5 feet, 10 inches (178 centimeters), her measurements were at a 39-22-37 inches (99-56-94 centimeters, see Table 1). Think about that for a second! That is some ratio of hotness, with and a ! Well, you won't have to think too long and hard about it, when we have so many pictures for you to check out! While this gorgeous vintage sex star never actually went full frontal, there are several good shots of her in skimpy and lacy panties that lead us to believe she has a beautiful, natural hairy pussy hidden between her legs.

This gorgeous nude beauty shared much of her teen years gracing the pages of some great magazines where Colette Berne worked with famed photographers like Russ Meyer, Ron Vogel and others. Colette's appearance in Modern Man Magazine's special edition set the world on fire as her , curvy body and perky, were put on display like a work of fine art.

Her are that style that stand out far from her body, almost coming to a point at her , and sloping outward from the chest far enough to let you know that you're not dealing with an ordinary bust. Not that it's hard to tell in her black and white photos, but if you check out the color photos we have of Colette here at Vintage Cuties, you can see she has bright pink, slightly puffy areola that ends with a darker, perky nipple. It's like a scoop of strawberry ice cream at the end of her ! It's even sexier in contrast with her very dark that cascades around her neck and down her chest, usually stopping right before the curves of her breasts start.

Colette's sexy curves make every inch of her stand out in nude photos

Even though some of the magazines she's posed for mention her as being "," you can see that Colette is far from it! She's got a gorgeous cinched in waist that not only makes her 40D US (90D EU/Int, see Table 2) tits stick out that much more, but it makes her plump ass and sexy hips look even more fabulous. This big breasted retro pornstar sure knows how to make those hips stand out in her pictorials as well, with flashy that hug her low, or loose fitting clothes that sit right at the edge of her curves to accentuate it.

Colette's hips are just incredible, and not something you get much of from that era. And while Colette does a lot of , wait until you see her in garters and stockings, showing off those long beautiful legs as she playfully kicks her legs while giving you a rear view. Her pictorials were quite interesting whether she was doing it alone or having fun with girl and guys in a manner.

A lot of her pictures come with a cute story, and sometimes are coupled with a sexy outfit that makes her even more in our eyes. Wait until you see her dressed like a Native princess, with a full headdress and a full rack exposed!

Her incredible boobs managed to land her a starring role opposite other busty hotties of the era in a movie called "Tit Queens of the Past Vol. 10." The movie is wall to wall breasts with Colette's heavy hangers leading the way.

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Get to know every inch and every curve of Colette's hot body

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Colette Berne body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Colette Berne physical body statistics
Height5 ft 10 in178 cm
Bust size39 in99 cm
Waist size22 in56 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements39-22-37 in99-56-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Colette Berne?

Table 2

Colette Berne bra size and breast cup size
Bra size40D90D40D105D6D18DD90
What bra and cup size did Colette Berne wear?
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