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With her charming smile, her wholesome good looks, and her lithe body Mickey Jines captivated fans of pinup magazines and sexploitation films in her short-lived but bright-burning career in the . Few girls made posing look as fun as she did and even fewer could match her combination of gorgeous body and vivacious personality that showed even in .

Sweet Mickey Jines in provocative lingerie touches her soft titties with a silky scarf

Sweet Mickey Jines in provocative lingerie touches her soft boobs with a luxurious scarf

Like so many girls, cutie Mickey Jines moved to sexploitation films and posing as a pin-up for a wide range of men's magazines of the era. Though she has lovely and 35-22-35 inches (89-56-89 centimeters, see Table 2) body shape, her best quality is her incredible smile, which is why she flashes her pearly whites in more pictures than most models.

This retro pornstar no doubt had great success in meetings because she would walk in, smile at the man she was hoping would cast her or agree to photograph her and he'd fall a little bit in love with her at that moment. The same thing will happen when you browse her pictures and check out the sweet smiling lady.

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Pinup Model with a Sweet Smile and Nice Tits Loves to Pose Outdoors

Her first work was published in (Either "Diamond Stud," "Midnight" or "Bachelor" magazine since she posed for all three that year) and Mickey regularly appeared in photos until , after which her retirement took her out of the public eye and into private life. She also went under the names Micky Jones and Angel Hegel.

For much of her work she was a rare and wonderful redhead, including a stunningly sexy shoot where she appears to be relaxing in her stockings, garter belt, and panties and her hair looks simple and sexy as she stares into camera with her gorgeous eyes and seduces you without any effort. That shoot proved she could just as easily be a sexy seductress as the wholesome girl you want to marry.

Over an eight-year career, her hair styles changed numerous times, ranging from long and straight to short and curly with a little of everything in between, including many of the looks that were popular in her time. When this babe wasn't a her hair was brown and just as beautiful though not quite as unique, of course. There are a few sets where she goes with really big hair and the sexy, wavy tendrils caress her natural 36C US (80C EU/Int, see Table 3) breasts gently, proving that a hairstyle can be enough to make a chick mind blowingly hot.

Girl-next-door good looks make Mickey Jines a popular model

Mickey Jines had the sort of slender, soft body that is lusted after even nowadays with a slight curve to the hips and a lovely around back. Her legs were somewhat thin and on occasion would look athletic, like in a beach shoot for "Arcadia" magazine (which purported to be about living but was really just an excuse to photograph hot chicks ).

In keeping with her wholesome look she rarely wore anything but light makeup, preferring instead to err on the side of cuteness. Red lipstick was sometimes deployed because it worked so well with her hair and those shoots always inspire desires for . She didn't fuss much with her nails, choosing a light pink color in the rare photos where you can really make them out.

The majority of Mickey's work was as a solo model with poses that would often be cute and flirty. Imagine her arms open or held high with a twinkle in her eye and a sly smile on her face. As mentioned above, she would occasionally become a sultry babe, but those were few and far between. Her needed no help to look fabulous so the poses are all fairly standard and amazingly sexy as the eyes tend to be drawn to her boobs with the upturned nipples that make you want to suck.

Based on how often she shot content this vintage sex star must have loved being out in the sun. Perhaps the thinking was that it worked better for her wholesome girl image as the natural light tends to bring out that sort of beauty. Her pussy was not a frequent star of her pinup pictures, appearing only occasionally as it was still a bit when she worked. She had a trimmed bush of brown that you'll see from time to time.

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Redhead model gets into sexploitation films and fucks in softcore scenes

For the most part, Mickey is naked in her pictures, eschewing a heavy reliance on lingerie and cute outfits for the presentation of her naked body. This might also be because she posed for quite a few magazines that would bring girls to resorts and colonies where everyone hung out naked. Those shoots are the only ones where you'll see her with other guys and girls and there's nothing sexual about it as they're simply hanging out and having fun without their clothes on.

Thankfully, the acting career of Mickey Jines offers sexual content. Her first role (she was credited as Michelle Mandale) was "Russ Meyer - though her most notable movie is "Orgy of the Dead," which was written by the famously terrible director Ed Wood. She has a sex scene in each of her movies, which are all of the softcore sexploitation variety that was hugely popular in the .

She's sexiest in "The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet" where she plays the elegant Lady Capulet and appears in an orgy scene with a guy thrusting on top of her. Her career in movies ended just as the popularity of began to ebb, so the timing was right for moving on.

Mickey Jines combines a sweet smile, perky C cup, a tight body, and a vibrant and charming personality into one incredible package that made her a beloved for nearly a decade. Her acting career was short-lived, but she left an indelible mark with top flight performances in a selection of softcore movies, and Vintage Cuties lets you experience all of it as a member. Join now to see the beautiful tits of this and to ogle her firm tummy and tight ass in nudist pics.

Mickey Jines body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Mickey Jines wiki and facts
Years active1962-1970
In business8 years
AliasesMicky Jones, Angel Hegel
What are the interesting facts about Mickey Jines?

Table 2

Mickey Jines physical body statistics
Bust size35 in89 cm
Waist size22 in56 cm
Hip size35 in89 cm
Measurements35-22-35 in89-56-89 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Mickey Jines?

Table 3

Mickey Jines bra size and breast cup size
Bra size36C80C36C95C4C14CC80
What bra and cup size did Mickey Jines wear?
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