Laura Landers - How a Pin-up Girl Fucked Many Famous Sex Legends in Porn Movies

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Early in her career Laura Landers broke into the adult industry as a model. With some and some soft , Laura took time to show us her body then she put that body in action doing some very erotic, where she worked with some of the biggest names in the porn world.

Laura Landers in sexy black fishnets softly licking her breasts while spreading her pussy

Laura Landers in sexy black fishnets softly licks her tits while spreading her pussy

Classy modeling and lingerie fun kicks her career off

Laura Landers started her career in the early to mid-80s as a who also did some light, softcore work. Some of her earliest pictures harkened back the 1950s with including waist high panties, garters, , and heels. Her and jiggle as she bends over and moves her body or lets another woman gently, sensually them.

As her modeling career grew, this vintage sex star moved more into some sexy . In some magazines, she was known as Lourie Larue and in others Laurie Landers. One magazine referred to her as Smooth Liz and featured her slowly, seductively stripping off her classic lingerie and exposing her smooth, fully shaved pussy. From touching and teasing other women's boobs to deep, passionate tongue to some hot beaver to beaver scissoring and grinding, Laura's smoldered with a heat that tells you this is more than just a job for her.

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Laura goes hardcore and gets her sweet pussy pounded

As Laura moved away from magazines and into movies, she often found herself getting together with some of the biggest names in the world including Ron Jeremy in his prime, Tom Byron and Marie Sharp. Her frequent sex partners in hardcore films were also Alan Colberg and Craig Roberts. Some of the porn movies featuring with Laura Landers are "TGA Excalibur #10" (), "Tooltime Memories" (, from John Holmes), "Wicked Women" () and "Backdoor Desires" (, ).

Laura Landers may have been early on in her career, but now she is letting it all hang out. This retro pornstar clearly has some impressive oral skills that she is happy to share as she clamps her mouth around guys' . The babe gets laid flat on her back and drilled hard, she rides her man, and she takes it from behind. When it is time to get down and dirty, as far as Laura is concerned, all holes are open for fucking!

Sometimes Laura Landers got into some action and showed that three isn't a crowd, it is just getting started. She also wasn't shy about doing some hot interracial XXX. At a time when interracial relationships were still a little taboo in many people's eyes, Laura enjoyed that .

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Laura Landers looked innocent but had a body built for being bad

Laura's girl-next-door looks and a great body made her a natural star. With her feathered hair, classic nose and defined features she seemed like a you might know from college or that works waiting tables at the diner you sometimes visit. This famous model has that sweet, innocent vibe about her, but when her clothes come off and she breaks out her amazing D cup, heart-shaped ass, and , you know this beautiful girl next door is down for some very naughty, dirty times.

Laura's career in the adult world started to fade as the 1990s began, but her scalding-hot scenes continued to appear in compilation movies for another decade and now she is considered one of the classic stars of the Golden Age of Porn.

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