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The 50s was the age of capitalism, the global economy was picking up. After the civil rights movement, the next big thing that happened in the fifties was the post-World War II baby boom.

Tons of porn was shot in the fifties despite that production and distribution of obscene, filthy, or pornographic materials was still a federal crime.

Most people wanted money in their pockets because of the ideological supremacy between communism and capitalism. They would do anything, including getting featured in porn.

The film industry struggled as people preferred watching TV programs to going to theaters. Stakeholders had to employ innovative marketing gimmicks incorporating adult-themed scenes to draw people out.

During this period, the underground porn business was booming. Producing vintage porn with the now vintage 8 mm film camera was cheaper and easier. Pin-up modeling gained prominence, and naked women would entertain wealthy revelers in clubs in populated cities like New York and San Francisco.

Our Vintage '50s Porn Videos category features sultry black and white porn produced in the decade. Watch busty models posing seductively for the camera, horny housewives getting their hairy cunts demolished by big cocks, and slutty amateurs taking monster dicks.

There's hardly any dialogue in the movies, and the audio is not exactly what you would like to listen to in theaters. What they lack in quality is compensated in nostalgia. Watching these retro '50s movies feels exactly like being in the fifties. It's that good!

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