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Farm porn refers to classic stag films set on actual farms. These are adult videos starring hot retro babes getting fucked hardcore in traditional farm settings. The slutty girls get fucked in the farmhouse, barns, meadows, crop fields, and animal sheds, among other bizarre places around the farm.

Enjoy our erotic stash of vintage farm porn videos going as far back as the early 1920s until the '70s and the late '80s. These vintage porn films are set on antique farms and feature horny village girls making out and getting throbbed by endowed studs.

The scenes feature hot farmers' daughters craving dick so much that they don't care where they get fucked at. They would gladly suck dick and take it in a doggy-style position on uncomfortable piles of hay. Some would lay on the grass on their bare ass and backs for wild outdoor missionary sex or lean on some structure while their boyfriends tap them roughly from behind.

Meet older classic men seducing gorgeous country teens who don't mind where they're getting laid as long as they orgasm. The sex is spontaneous and, quite honestly, as raunchy as possible.

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