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Throughout history, Mexican women have been stereotyped as spicy and passionate in bed, and the ancient stag films in this category confirm it's true. Like most Latin American nations, Mexico has been strictly conservative, but clearly not enough to prevent their hot girls and well-endowed men from starring in adult films.

We have a wild collection of vintage Mexican porn videos in this category dating back to the early 1910s. Meet the slutty Mexican babes of the classic era who made a name for themselves through vintage porn films and paved the way for the world-class Mexican porn we all enjoy today.

Among the big names featured in the Mexican stag films of the past include the 1950s centerfold Tanya Muriett, a stunning Latina beauty with big puffy tits and killer curves. The legendary Vanessa Del Rio also features in a '70s stag film where she participates in a masturbatory-grade orgy.

These slutty Hispanic babes throw tantalizing performances that include choking on mammoth cocks and getting fucked roughly in multiple sexual positions, among several other sensual acts. This is where it all started for Mexican porn, and spoiler alert - these girls were horny and wild as they're known today several decades later.

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