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Porn has struggled with censorship from the first time it emerged. Homosexual porn, in particular, has arguably witnessed the most censorship. However, this never stopped adult filmmakers from creating gay porn anyway.

French adult film, Le Ménage Moderne Du Madame Butterfly, released in 1920, is regarded as the first feature film to depict hardcore gay porn. In 1929, America's The Surprise of a Knight debuted. It featured exclusive homosexual intercourse, which paved the way for multiple similar films.

It's worth noting that the gay porn of the 30s was not exclusively gay. It also featured bisexual acts of lewd men fucking women and sliding cocks in each other's assholes. It was the perfect disguise. Even suckers who never liked gay porn ended up watching men taking in the stiff dick as much as they gave.

Let us interest you in vintage gay porn videos of the '30s up to the '80s. Homosexual porn is as hardcore as it gets; muscular men enduring mammoth dicks tearing them up new assholes.

This section features classic Arab gay and bisexual porn and wild French mens only vintage porn. Also, watch white men licking up their assholes and shoving hard cocks in them, and Asian men getting it on hardcore. Enjoy!

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