1920s Voyeuristic Janitor Spies on Masturbating Woman & Fucking Couple

Janitor Watches Couple Porn Video

An excited janitor looks through the keyhole in the room of a naked mature woman. He watches her shower and sees her pee in the toilet. In comes the fat husband, and his wife gives him a blowjob. He masturbates her hairy pussy with a big dildo and fucks her while the voyeur janitor watches. Read more

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Janitor Watches Through a Keyhole as a Couple Fucks in the 1920s

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A looks through a keyhole in the door of a room. Inside is a slut with big tits taking a shower, her juicy tits and hairy twat on full display. Her tits bounce as she lathers up, and the water cascades down her fuck ready body. The perverted janitor watches this shit intently as she finishes and moves to the toilet to masturbate.

As she sits down to piss, her urine hitting the porcelain bowl echoes through the room like music to his ears. Suddenly, there's movement behind her - her husband entering without warning. He drops his robe and exposes his limp dick before pushing his wife down on all fours so he can get a good blowjob.

The husband pulls out a massive from under the bed and uses it to stimulate his wife's hairy pussy as he jerks off until he bursts all over her ass cheeks. As they finish their nasty fuck for each other's pleasure and the wife's cunt is dripping cum, they are oblivious but turned on, knowing someone was watching them all the time.

This vintage porn video, set in a 1920s Parisian brothel - complete with velvet curtains and gilded mirrors - leaves nothing to the imagination; every inch of genitalia is displayed for maximum sexual arousal.

We see an explicit glimpse into private moments between two lovers who have no qualms about performing sexual acts for the entertainment or pleasure of others - even if it means being watched by strangers like our voyeuristic janitor!

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