Granny Doctor & Teenage Nurse Fuck Male Patient: 1940s Old & Young Sex

Old Granny Doctor Porn Video

A man visits a doctor with a diagnosis of impotence. An old lady doctor checks to see if the man's cock can get hard. A young nurse strips naked. The patient licks the nurse's hairy pussy. Then grandma gets naked, leaving just her girdle on, and both young and old women suck his cock and fuck him while his cock shoots cum. Read more

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Old and Young Threesome Sex with the Granny Doctor in the 1950s

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A guy goes to a wrinkly-ass doctor in the '50s and complains about his limp dick. The old bitch decides to give him her 'special treatment' by seeing if his dick can get erect. But then, out of nowhere, this hot young comes in and starts stripping like it's her job. She shows off her perky tits and tight little cunt while the patient eagerly licks her as she moans with pleasure.

But that's not all, folks! This old doctor wants in on the action too! She strips down to her girdle, showing off those massive sagging tits and wrinkled body (ugh!). Then she gets down on her knees and takes turns with the young nurse sucking the poor patient's dick like they're trying to win a damn medal.

The teasing continues as women take turns riding the man until he can't take it anymore. His veiny penis is begging for an orgasm as they finally allow him to explode his cum all over their bodies - oh yeah, baby!

The women don't stop there and move on to their all-girl lesbian sex, licking each other's hairy pussies and sucking clits until they are satisfied. This vintage porn video proves how little has changed throughout history regarding human sexuality - even in conservative times like the 1950s.

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