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Office romance, or plainly office sex, has been around for as long as women have been present in the workplace. People developed office crushes because of the time they spent together, coupled with the allure of keeping a secret affair and, in other cases, the fantasy of power play.

Office porn was often centered on the boss fucking their subordinate or colleagues fooling around in the office behind everyone's back. It's a popular fantasy among people. It started long ago if this page's vintage office porn videos are anything to go by.

Office sex is kinky and often carries some element of taboo, given most formal establishments discourage fucking in the office or even having an office romance.

It's likely the women getting fucked hardcore against office tables and fucked quickly in bathrooms are wives back at home. Still, delight in the secrecy of keeping an office fling, they occasionally bang for the fun of it.

Meet the naughty women of the 1930s indulging in kinky office sex, hot babes of the '50s, and the shameless whores that came after until the late 1980s. Witness the evolution of vintage porn film quality from black and white 16 mm films, 8 mm to super 8 mm film formats, and the milestone switch to colored film.

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