Busty Kay Parker Fucks in the Bathroom: 1970s Classic Hairy Pussy Porn Star

Kay Parker Fucked Porn Video

Kay Parker, a mature porn star of the seventies, meets a colleague in the office. They talk and sneak into the bathroom for more intimate action. Mature Kay spreads her legs, pushes her panties to the side, and opens her beautiful hairy pussy. The man shoves his big cock into a hot pussy and fucks her while groping her tits in a bullet bra until he cums. Read more

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Hairy Pussy of MILF Kay Parker Fucked in Bathroom in the 1970s

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Kay Parker, a from the 1970s, meets her male colleague in an office. After some small talk, they sneak into the bathroom for some steamy action. Kay spreads her legs wide open and pushes her panties aside to reveal her luscious . Her man can't wait any longer and shoves his big fat cock deep into her cunt, giving that tight hole the fucking it deserves as he gropes those juicy tits in a blue bra.

As the man thrusts deeper and harder into Kay's hot wet cunt, she moans louder with each stroke. Their bodies slapping against each other echoes throughout the bathroom as they continue their passionate secret encounter. Their colleagues outside think they understand what's going on.

Kay's body writhes beneath her male colleague as he relentlessly fucks her experienced pussy. Her gorgeous breasts bounce wildly in the confines of her sexy lace bra as she clings to him without holding back.

It is crystal clear that both performers are entirely lost in pleasure as they reach new heights of ecstasy together. Finally, after 20 minutes of intense pussy pumping, Kay's colleague reaches his climax and sprays his load all over Kay's beautiful bush, leaving it dripping with !

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