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This page features a steamy collection of vintage girdle porn pics from the '40s after the ladies had abandoned the suffocating corsets and bulky S-shaped silhouettes that dominated the fashion scenes of the Victorian era pushing to the period of the Great Depression.

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One of the defining female fashion trends of the retro eras was the girdle, an encircling foundation garment popularly worn as a shapewear at the beginning of the 1930s.

The girdle was worn to confine other loose garments and allow free movement, or often for aesthetic purposes to highlight women's curvaceous hips, thin waist, and big boobs.

The girdle rose in popularity around the end of the sepia-tone photography era. It sold a staggering 20.6 million units at the height of the Great Depression. Many vintage porn pics shot during this period starred curvy babes of that era looking sexy in rubberized girdles with pubic hair sticking out of hairy crotches.

Girdles were popular among long-legged burlesque dancers of the '50s, naughty MILFs that didn't want to fade off the fucking scene, pin-up models, and pretty much every babe in town back in the day.

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