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Artifacts found in ancient Egyptian tombs indicate that leather was used to make dozens of household items like sandals, clothing, primitive water buckets, bottles, and military equipment. This was way back around 5000 BC.

The primary use of leather continued over the years but became strongly eroticized, especially in BDSM. Somehow leather became a sex symbol and was used to make stylish fetish wear and BDSM gear like leather vests, belts, whips, and restraints, among others.

We've gathered some of the vintage leather porn videos from when leather became fashionable again around post World War II following the Biker Culture influence. This category has vintage porn films from the late '40s, the '50s during the restructuring of Hollywood, and the 1970s.

Many of the stag films on this page are retro BDSM clips from the previous decades where performers clad in sexy leather outfits for their respective roles. Enjoy hardcore action, including rough whipping with leather, spanking, and humiliation standard to traditional Femdom and general BDSM scenes.

This is how it went down back in the day. It is historically significant as it is nostalgic and steamy at the same time.

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