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Blessed with a slender body, beautiful and , Rosemary Saneau modeled in the age of full pussy shots and can often be seen with her legs apart and her cunt lips open so you can see the pink flesh inside. Her huge areolas and hard nipples make the mouth water, as does the sultry lingerie this retro pornstar often wears when she's trying to make her male fans wild with desire while watching her performing in or fetish shoots.

Provocative Rosemary Saneau aka Sue Ann in a white see-through bra gently biting her finger

Provocative Rosemary Saneau in a white see-through bra gently bites her finger

model Rosemary Saneau (also known as Rosa, Rosita, Sue Ann and Rosemary Lorenz) began her modeling career in the late and was immediately drawn to bolder, naughtier poses than many of her contemporaries. By that point we were well into the era of explicit and the waning popularity of so she gravitated towards being a truly dirty girl, which is why there are so many incredible images of her pussy spread wide open and even a few of her .

What most first notice about Rosemary is just how slender her body is, especially with a pair of glorious DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup breasts. The boobs were exceptionally perky and boast huge and mouth-watering areolas that dominate much of the surface area of her breast flesh. Her waist is slender and in the few shots that focus on her rather than her chest the butt looks tight and perfect with slim legs to match.

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Glamorous babe of the Late '70s with big tits and natural beauty

This busty vintage sex star didn't shoot an enormous amount of content due to her short-lived career, but Rosemary Saneau was always glamorous and perfectly styled. Her shoulder length brown hair went through different styles, beginning with a feathered look as she started and moving to a charming and shiny straight-haired look, an '80s perm, and a naturally wavy look for an .

She did one black and white photo shoot, but the rest were in color so you can appreciate every facet of her beauty. She preferred a simple look where her makeup was concerned, going with light lipstick and just a hint of eyeshadow but otherwise keeping it natural. Her fingernails were natural and typically featured a lovely coating of polish in the pink family. Jewelry was generally limited to a simple necklace though she wears a beautiful watch in one set.

Her hottest work is a black and white set where Rosemary poses in a sheer black robe with a fuzzy black trim that hangs against her body in the most tempting way possible. This retro goddess with her juicy 36DDD/F US (80F EU/Int, see Table 1) breasts looks truly perfect in those pictures and her hair and makeup is at its most glamorous in them too. Under the robe is a fuzzy and sheer and on her legs is a pair of sheer tan stockings, making for a sensual striptease that ends with her exposed, her in her hands, and her lips parted as a moan of erotic desire escapes them.

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Busty brunette Rosemary Saneau fucks & gets messy facial

Hardcore fucking in movie loops made this vintage slut a star

Rosemary Saneau wore some form of lingerie in most of her shoots, usually in the form of sexy or a naughty pair of . No matter what she wears she always ends up with her and her hairy pussy exposed though she made sure to keep her pubic hair trimmed so her labia could be seen clearly. As mentioned above, Rosemary modeled in the hardcore era and while she never got fucked in pictures she did get far naughtier than pinups from the '60s.

Movies were a different story though. Rosemary starred in where she got her hairy twat . Some of her fetish pictorials include , catfight, enema, and . Also of note, she appeared in one pictorial together with famous retro pornstar Seka.

As a fan of vintage ladies you probably don't expect to see or to watch as the girl pulls them open with her beautiful fingers and shows her pink flesh, but that's precisely what Rosemary Saneau loved to do, often making naughty faces of lust as she showed her private area up close and personal.

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Dildo fucking and vibrator masturbation made Rosemary Saneau cum hard

This classic chesty pornstar took things to the next level with full on , sometimes fucking her pussy with a and sometimes using a vibrator for pleasure. You can even see hints of wetness between her lips when she plays. Though most of her content was solo, Rosemary did fool around with a girl once, including a fantastic picture where she's licking a perfect titty with her eager tongue.

In an shoot with a guy, you can see his head between her legs as he spreads her pussy lips with his fingers and extends his tongue to give her pleasure. That's hot, but the best part of that picture is the look of absolute joy on her face as a man is about to go down on her .

Indoor and outdoor work is included in Rosemary's work and they utilized lovely locations when outside. There's a sexy set with mountain views in the background as she's fooling around with a guy in the foreground. In another she's on a fallen tree with her legs spread and she has never looked more beautiful and natural than in those images. Her indoor pics were simple and primarily focused on her in the frame without any distractions.

Over the years, Rosemary Saneau's photos appeared in "Nugget" (), "The Breast of Cheri" (), "Wrestling Movie Review" (), "Fling" (), "Pub Presents" (), "Swingle" (), "Velvet Best of" (), "Forty Plus" () and "Boobs and Buns Magazine" () among other magazines.

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Table 1

Rosemary Saneau bra size and breast cup size
Bra size36DDD/F80F36E95F4F14EF80
What bra and cup size did Rosemary Saneau wear?
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