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Men have always used physical attributes to gauge women's sexual attractiveness for as long as we've existed. Forget about big boobs and ass; they charm the next guy as much. Footwear is among the most bizarre elements of sexuality people have enjoyed since the early days.

It's no secret that shoes have always carried sexual connotations. Women's shoes were marketed as "pretty" or "sexy." This is why shoe porn exists and is actually a genre in vintage porn.

Shoe porn has been around for generations because many of us are attracted to women in pretty shoes. As evidenced in our Vintage Shoes Porn Videos category, there is some sense of eroticism in watching a woman keep her shoes during sex.

We sample some raunchy vintage shoe porn from the Roaring Twenties to the late 1980s. While the casts of these films don't explicitly exhibit shoe fetishism, it is implied as the women keep their shoes on during sex and erotic naked dances.

It is worth noting that the actions don't entirely revolve around shoes. You can also enjoy hardcore sex scenes, including threesomes, blowjobs, wild outdoor sex featuring old and young casts, etc.

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