Nancy Brown AKA Fran - Well-Endowed Vintage Model who Loved Wearing See-Thru Panties

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With her wry smile and perfectly trendy hair, if you saw Nancy Brown walking down the street you might just assume she was another average, if not pretty, out for her daily errands. When you saw her with her top off and her heavenly on full display, you would realize that you would raise heaven and earth just for a night of carnal passion with this goddess!

Divine brunette Nancy Brown aka Fran proudly displays her puffy dark nipples

Divine brunette Nancy Brown proudly displays her puffy dark nipples

Tall, dark and mysterious, Fran Will capture your attention

In the and into the Nancy Brown worked as a that sometimes went by the name Fran. While her body of work isn't as large as some other models from her era, her terrific rack could go nipple to nipple with any starlet from that day and hold its own.

With Nancy Brown, it is all about the . Her double D cup hang perfectly on her chest with small, but lovely, nipples and areolas about the size of a half dollar that are just the right color of tan to make you want to lean in and taste them as if they were a sweet pastry. Her pair is round, perfectly shaped, and they complement her body flawlessly. If you prefer watching videos over reading, we have Fran naked for you in a sex film action inside of Vintage Cuties. Join us now and start watching.

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Nancy Brown's great tits aren't her only amazing assets

While her bust is the star of the show, Fran's other assets are also pretty impressive. Her brown eyes and red lips tell a story of a woman who enjoys life and has just enough mischief in her that she isn't afraid to get down and dirty when the time comes. Her hairstyle kept her pulled up on her head in a fashion that was spot on for the era and also gave us a great look at her long swan's neck that could have been formed by Michelangelo's hands.

As her incredibly good looks and glorious body made us drool, her barely manicured finger and toenails told the story of a woman not afraid to get her hands dirty and not too high maintenance. Nancy Brown was the kind of lady you could hang out with, share a beer and have a good laugh, but you knew when the night came to an end, the clothes hit the floor and it was time for some real , Fran would rock your world!

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Magazines and lace panties leave little to the imagination

As Nancy Brown's career progressed, this appeared in magazines such as "Matinee." Her layouts were always classy and simple, allowing her beauty to be the center of the world. At times, she would wear with and garters and a few shoots found her in a bustier that sometimes lost its battle with her gorgeous globes as her natural boobs would spill out over the top of it.

This model never went full frontal, but there were a few shoots that found her nude and tastefully concealing herself and a few others where she ended up wearing nothing but a pair of lacy, see-thru . These panties gave us a glimpse at her . They revealed just enough for us to know that she didn't shave her pussy, but she may do a bit of grooming to keep her lady nest maintained.

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