BBW Mature Housewife Seduces Doctor to Fuck Her Hairy Cunt: 1940s Porn

Doctor Fucks Mature Porn Video

A chubby, mature woman visits a doctor because she thinks she is pregnant. The doctor checks the naked woman's body, and she begs him to fuck her. The doctor's cock is not ready, so the lady has to start with a blowjob. While the man fucks her big tits, she licks the head of his cock. The fuck is next. Read more

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Doctor Fucks Chubby Mature Woman's Pussy in the 1940s

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A horny, BBW housewife visits a doctor because she suspects she's knocked up. As the examines her naked body, he gets turned on by her voluptuous curves and can't resist touching her big natural tits and hairy pussy. The woman begs him to fuck her any way he can, and he obliges.

The doc's cock isn't ready yet, so the lady starts by giving him a fantastic blowjob. She takes his dick deep down her throat while the man plays with her big tits and rubs her nipples. After some intense tit-fucking action, the doctor is finally ready to fuck that juicy pussy.

The hardcore scene that follows is fucking hot as hell! The doctor's boner slides in and out of the chubby slut's wet cunt like butter on toast! Her huge breasts bounce up and down as he thrusts deeper into her vagina, alternately shoving his cock into her anus. This moans loudly as she reaches orgasm after orgasm!

Finally, when it's time for this stud to blow his load, he pulls out and cums all over this chick's face - making sure every drop of sperm lands in or in the lady's mouth before she leaves without another word spoken between them other than 'goodbye.'

This vintage porn video takes you back in time to relive an erotic encounter from the 1940s where a chubby, mature woman seduces a lustful male doctor. An appointment in his office ends with the doctor coming all over her face - leaving nothing to be desired for either party!

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