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Massive natural breasts with huge areolas and delectable nipples make Punjabi model Ann Ali a must see for fans of voluptuous foreign models of the . This gorgeous goddess made her name in America, in - posing for naughty magazines and making jaws drop in film appearances, including a stunning orgy scene with other curvy luminaries of the time. No man can resist the charms of this hottie with big Idian tits.

Stunning skinned beauty Ann Ali seduces with her big silky boobs and swollen nipples

Stunning skinned beauty Ann Ali seduces with her big soft tits and swollen nipples

Big breasts babe born in India comes to America to show her tits

Ann Ali was born in India in (age 78), and after immigrating to America she found success and fame as a , baring her mouth-watering in magazines like "Boobs," "Busts and Bazooms," "Gents," and "Gem." Ann modeled under such alternative names as Anne Ali, Anne Sheba Ali or she was often referred to as just plain India. This curvaceous vintage pornstar was the rarest of ladies at the time: a DDD/F cup US (F EU/Int) (she's a Punjabi Indian) willing to strip naked and bare her big tits for the camera and she wasn't the slightest bit shy about showing her pussy either.

Ann Ali gladly every article of clothing when posing, putting her healthy bush on display for those that would choose to gaze between her legs and dream of the pink flesh that waited inside, no doubt wet with desire and eager for the pleasure of penetration.

Her huge areolas and big nipples were a lusty signature as photographers loved to get close up and admire the dark skin of her tits. This stacked classic sex star was fond of lingerie and opera gloves, often taking her big breasts into her hands and giving them a good squeeze for the camera, just as guys dreamed of doing. Both black and white and color photography is included in her archive, and she was just as comfortable posing amongst nature as she was in the enclosed environs of the many houses photographers rented.

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Huge boobs Indian goes from magazines to movies, including a reverse gangbang

Girls of her particular skill set were in demand for short clips full of fantastic nudity, and Ann Ali was cast in a video called "Breast Orgy" () that you can watch on Vintage Cuties. This sex film featured other famous babes of the 1970s including Marsha Jordan, Bobbi Hall, Candy Samples, Valerie Rae Clark, and Uschi Digard, each lady was blessed with that she would have on display throughout the film. Most importantly, all that tit flesh was used to arouse a man as the ladies played in a reverse gangbang where they were tasked with taking care of his needs using any means necessary.

Not surprisingly, men were enamored with so many sets of fantastic big tits on camera and dreamed of being the guy in the middle of it all, surrounded by large boobs and with access to the of the dirty ladies. "Breast Orgy 2" () was commissioned shortly after the first, and all the girls returned, once again eager to show off their huge tits to turn on a lucky dude.

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One boy with Ann Ali and lots of busty baked women

Given that the were an era of sexploitation films, it's not surprising that big breasted Indian beauty Ann Ali was popular casting. As an , Ann Ali is known for starring in "A Scream in the Streets" () and "Keys" () movies. In addition to her orgy shorts she landed a part in "A Scream in the Streets," a tale of two Los Angeles (USA) detectives on the case of a rapist that eludes capture because he's able to pose as a woman.

Lots of chicks with big boobs appear, but no breasts are more arousing than the natural DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cups of the Indian girl you crave. That same year, the film "Keys" was released, and Ann had a juicy part as a glad to bare her tits in the name of arousing guys. The film was a spoof that sought to make people laugh while arousing them with and anyone that's seen it can attest to its effectiveness at that task.

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The big Indian tits of Ann Ali will live forever in high-resolution pictures

In , Ann Ali eased into retirement, covering her breasts for the last time and leaving fans to turn back to their magazines to gaze upon her truly breathtaking titties. Ann's career lasted ten years. Browse the pictures she took, and you'll find spectacular images, including where you can peer through the and catch a glimpse of her labia, puffy with lust. This bosomy stunner shot in both black and white and color, and both types are equally arousing.

Though it can be difficult to find Ann Ali naked online, Vintage Cuties has almost everything she ever did. You'll find with her big titties looking damn good, and her exposed, hot clinging to her beautiful body, and more. Most arousing are the pictures where she takes her big boobs in her hands and gives them a good squeeze.

It's impossible not to imagine doing the same and thinking of how soft her tits would feel as you wrapped your fingers around them, feeling her nipples grow hard in your hands and listening to her moan at your touch. Ann is a fantasy girl, and she's yours to ogle in her picture galleries on Vintage Cuties.

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Ann Ali wiki and facts
Born1946 (age 78)
Years active1965-1975
Started around19 years old
In business10 years
AliasesAnne Ali, Anne Sheba Ali
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