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The Roaring Twenties was a pivotal era in the growth of cinema as we know it today. This was attributed to the release of the first black and white 16 mm film camera - the Cine Kodak in - that enabled the cheaper production of vintage porn films.

The invention dramatically cut down production costs for stag films, which saw a steady rise in adult film production in the Jazz Age compared to the Edwardian and, most certainly, the Victorian eras.

Lucky for you, we've managed to forage some of the thrilling vintage '20s porn videos. The women of the time wore baggy clothes, including petticoats and bulky bloomer undergarments.

The performers are typical housewives and husbands getting it on, cheating maids, and the naughty 1920s flappers, including bisexuals who did not mind partaking in threesomes or group sex.

They were sexy as fuck with big natural tits and asses. However, they weren't very keen on trimming their pubes, let alone waxing. They enjoyed getting their hairy twats licked, sucking big cocks, and fucked hardcore, which the men in the era delivered with pleasure.

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