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India has been a strictly conservative nation throughout classical times, which explains why you'll hardly find any retro Indian porn online. However, this doesn't mean there aren't any Indian stag films out there that are probably produced illegally, no thanks to the country's long-standing strict regulations against the production and distribution of obscene materials.

Suppose you've been searching the internet for vintage Indian porn videos. In that case, you're lucky because you just stumbled upon a rare collection of stag films dating back to the Edwardian era.

We have compiled an erotic selection of classic Indian porn that could shed light on what the Indian porn industry would have grown to be if it were left to thrive like in the West around the '60s.

You'll notice that the vintage porn films are not much different from what was consumed in the U.S. and other parts of the Western world around the Roaring Twenties until the eighties. The movies feature hot Indian women doing it with their Indian male counterparts and sometimes paired with horny whites lusting for that conservative Asian pussy.

The girls spot hairy pubes and have big natural tits. Also, they're curvy as fuck - everything you'd expect from a classic Indian babe. Enjoy!

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