Busty BBW Michelle Webber Fucked: 1960s Retro Amateur Threesome Sex

Michelle Webber Fucked Porn Video

Extremely busty BBW pornstar from the '60s - Michelle Webber - has threesome sex with two guys. She likes to suck cock, and also lick her hairy pussy. The men fuck her in every way: missionary, doggy style, 69. She sucks both cocks simultaneously to make them cum on her face and big breasts. Read more

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Busty BBW Michelle Webber Fucked in Threesome Sex in the 1960s

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The fucking gorgeous Michelle Webber is the star of the show. She's got two men drooling all over her, aching to get and mouth. From the moment Michelle appears on screen, this curvy babe with massive tits will get fucked hard in every hole she has.

Michelle wastes no time getting down to business. She takes each man's cock in turn, sucking and slurping like a pro while ensuring both guys get equal attention. Once she is satisfied with her blowjob pleasure, these from behind - missionary style or doggy style banging are just some of the positions they explore!

While one man fucks Michelle's cunt, another bangs her skull and feeds his cock deep down her throat. In all these crazy sex positions, you can see Michelle's glistening with excitement as she gets closer and closer to climax. Her moans fill the room as she enjoys every thrust from both men's hard dicks.

But one dick at a time isn't enough for our lusty Michelle; oh no! This insatiable wants them both deep inside her simultaneously! Double penetration! With a mouth full of meaty cock in each hand, this naughty nympho sucks relentlessly until both dicks ejaculate simultaneously in her mouth, all over her face and big bouncing breasts.

As we watch this raunchy threesome unfold before our eyes in this vintage porn video - one thing becomes abundantly clear: the 1960s were genuinely wild times!

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