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The 1910s was a tumultuous decade, a period that features prominently in the history of global politics and economy. Peace and prosperity ended abruptly in when WWI broke, but not before Kodak graced the film industry with their revolutionary Vest Pocket Kodak camera.

The 46 mm gauge 127 film camera shot some of the iconic WWI porn scenes and most of the 1910s porn. Over a century later, our vintage '10s porn videos might be called "antiques."

When America was shooting and bombing its way to the world's richest and most fierce nation spot, some of our great-grandparents were shamelessly shooting porn.

These perverts, however, are why we have this page, a collection of some of the world's oldest vintage porn on the internet today.

These amateur porn videos, shot with an ancient motion picture camera, are a testament that modern adult filmmakers are just recycling century-old ideas.

Turns out our taste for porn hasn't changed much from what our grandparents used to indulge in. The women were hot, curvy, and big-breasted. The only difference with your favorite pornstar is that the 1910s weren't big on waxing. They loved their pubes hairy.

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