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The '80s was a glamorous decade. It came right after the economic struggles of the former decade. Again, the economy was picking up. The adult film industry had a good run, and everyone wanted to get into porn following the wide theatrical releases of adult movies at the time.

In other intriguing news, breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic surgery of the time. Life was good. The porn was good. Most middle-income homes could afford colored TVs, which meant porn films rolled in color transmission.

The availability of quality (now vintage) video cameras significantly improved film production quality. The videos were colored and had a better picture and sound quality compared to what was there before.

This page showcases vintage '80s porn videos in their full glory. The women had big breasts. Most of them were natural; some, as you've accurately guessed, are fake. It was the yuppie era, and sex styles were plenty.

Missionary is still there, but doggy style is shaping up to be the most popular fucking position. The girls love sucking dick and slurping cum. Group sex and orgies were a big deal in the 80s and are adequately depicted in the scenes below.

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