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Stiletto heels have been part of women's fashion from as far back as the 15th century. However, before the French revolution, high heels were worn by male and female courtiers. Still, they became popular among women when they re-emerged in the 1800s. Traditionally, raised shoes signified nobility, political power, and wealth, which explains why the eighteenth King of Frace, Louis XIV, adored his red heels.

Later in the years, heels became a symbol of seduction, and women who wanted to look sexier rocked them all the time. A ton of classic stag films featured hot retro babes in stilettos, and we have some of the kinkiest vintage stiletto heels porn videos on this page to back this fact.

Look at how heels transformed the classic woman into a seductive broad who would get any man she wanted. Note how they keep their high heels on during sex and how their comfortable pose ensures that the heels are visible during sexual activities.

A couple of inches above the ground in the specific angles help make the chicks appear taller while highlighting their big natural butts, making them even hotter. This category has vintage porn spanning from the 1900s until the late '70s when taller stilettos had cemented their place as the ultimate fashion for seduction alongside thongs and lingerie.

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